Green Spa Award Nomination

Les Nouvelles nominates Blossom Spa Boutique for the Green/Wellness Spa award

LNE & Spa Awards
Les Nouvelles Esthétiques & Spa magazine, American edition is honored to present the new LNE & Spa Awards, conceived to acknowledge and exhibit acclamation for phenomenal spas across the United States. The regional Awards praise spas in four areas: Luxury Spa, Day Spa, Medical Spa and Green/Wellness Spa. LNE & Spa invited spa owners and managers of the best spas from the Central, West, Northeast and Southeast regions of the United States to enter their spas for scrutiny. Applicants filled out surveys providing crucial facts on the spas and their individual characteristics. Within each area, multiple spas were issued honorable mentions for the Central LNE & Spa Award, along with one grand winner. The award judges are comprised of the LNE & Spa educational committee and editor-in-chief Denise R. Fuller. The judges select the spa that they believe symbolizes the best in innovation and endowment within each area to be appointed as the grand winner. Their conclusion is hinged on information given to them by a mystery client, who visits each of the nominated spas disguised as a client receiving facial, massage, nail, and waxing services. The mystery client fills out a questionnaire depicting their visit to the spa, which the judges examine to make their final conclusions. In March, LNE & Spa recognized the exceptional spas in the Central United States. Winners and nominees were declared and introduced onstage at the LNE & Spa Award ceremony, held on March 13 at the 2011 Dallas International Congress of Esthetics and Spa. LNE & Spa’s director of marketing Christèle de la Haye and sales director Danni Boucher granted each of the grand winners with a unique crystal water drop to showcase in their spa. All nominees were presented with a certificate of recognition for their honorable mention to display in their spa.