Makeup Application and Services

Austin’s Go-to Salon for Mineral Makeup Applications

For all of our makeup services we use Mineralogie Mineral Makeup, which is based in Dallas, Texas and was developed by a makeup artist. Mineralogie uses 100% mineral makeup by selecting and working with the best, high quality minerals for each of their products. They are cruelty free, free of talc, perfume, dye and other unhealthy ingredients typically found in traditional cosmetics. This alone makes their makeup not only better for your skin, but also leaves your complexion more radiant and flawless each time you apply.

Mineral Makeup Services

Makeup Application (non-bridal) – $75+
Bridal or Special Event Makeup Application – $85+
Bridal or Special Event Makeup Trial – $95+
Makeup Application & Lesson (non-bridal) – $95+