Waxing Services

Austin’s Go-to Spa for Fabulous Waxing and Tinting Services

With over a decade of experience waxing Austin spa clients, we have perfected the art of a quick wax using a gentle touch. We use some of the most advanced wax in the industry and our waxing clientele are very loyal because we’re methodical about doing it right. You can click “book now” to make an appointment online or contact us.

Waxing Menu

Brow Wax or Tweeze $25+
Lip $15+
Brow & Lip $35+
Chin $15+
Sideburns $15+
Full Face $55+
Neck $25+

Full Arm $45+
Half Arm $35+
Underarm $25+
Half Leg $50+
Full Leg $80+
Bikini $55+
French Bikini $65+

Brazilian $75 +
Abdomen $35+
Men’s Back or Chest $55+
Shoulder $25+
Lash Tint $30
Brow Tint $20
Lash & Brow Tint $45

*Please note that bikini waxing is a cleanup of the bikini line only. French bikini is a good option for those that want more of a cleanup than the bikini. If you are wanting any other areas on your leg waxed as well that will be at an additional charge.*

Blossom Waxing Etiquette

Because of the specialty nature of this service, it requires extra care. Take note of these waxing tips, so you can achieve and retain great results.

* Please be advised that we do not preform waxing services on anyone who is taking any form of vitamin A (including retin A or anything containing this over the counter), acutane, or any prescription acne medication. If you have any questions feel free to call us. To avoid wasting anyone’s time please let us know prior to your visit if you are on any medications(topical or prescription). If it has been longer than four weeks since your last bikini or brazilian wax or if it is your first time please arrive trimmed and ready to be waxed to avoid having to reschedule your appointment.

* For our female clients please make your appointment at least a couple days before or after your cycle. Most places understandably won’t preform a Brazilian or bikini waxing while you’re on your cycle, and waxing hurts a lot more during that time anyway.

* Don’t use any lotions or creams on the areas to be waxed prior to your waxing.

* You need some growth for the wax to hold onto, but not too long which can make the waxing hurt more than it needs to. The best time to wax is when the hair has had three to four weeks to grow in. If it has been longer please trim before your service.

* Don’t wear tight underwear for the next few days after getting a Brazilian, french bikini, or bikini wax and avoid hitting the gym right after.

* Keep hands away from touching freshly waxed skin, as this can encourage irritation or small pimples.

* No tanning beds or sun exposure on the newly waxed areas (before or after you wax), for the next two days.

* After two full days you can begin to use a mild exfoliant daily to help avoid ingrown hairs.

* It is best to be on a waxing cycle of every three to five weeks (depending on hair growth) to have optimal results.

* If you have any questions please feel free to call us!