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Sep 1, 2018 … BodyTite is a relatively new procedure that we've incorporated into our plastic surgery practice in The Woodlands. Dr. Kim is very selective …

Mar 17, 2015 … Ever wonder how the field of plastic surgery evolved into what it is today? … of the liposuction procedure while reducing pain and recovery time.

Read the blog of La Jolla plastic surgeon Dr. Chaffoo and dermatologist dr. stuart.

However, actually accomplishing something that you said you were going to do will also give you confidence in yourself and your ability to follow through. What is a Platelet-Rich Plasma Facial? A PRP facial involves microneedling the skin and drawing a vial of the patient’s own blood to produce the plasma that is then used as a serum to boost cell turnover. Whether a patient has sunken areas underneath the eyes, scars that come from acne, or deflated cheeks, platelet-rich fibrin is the way to go to treat such cosmetic concerns. As we’re nearing the end of January, a lot of people may be losing enthusiasm for keeping their New Year’s resolutions, and some people may have given up on their resolutions altogether. Be sure to watch them open the sterilized pouch that the tip comes in, and, if not done automatically, ask them to place a sleeve on the microneedling pen.

Sep 13, 2018 … Click here to read the New Hampshire plastic surgery blog and find out the … and Dermatology | (

Aug 3, 2018 … Welcome to vanguard skin specialists' blog. We will be blogging about the latest new on skin cancer, dermatology and plastic surgery.

The Downside Of Rapid Weight Loss Are You Happy with Your weight? rapid tone – Do you feel like you’re one of those people that’s unable to lose weight for some reason or another? Maybe you don’t have the genetics for it, or you’re big boned. Or, maybe you feel like you need to eat as much as you do or

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