Enhance your treatment with Spa Facial Boosters

Often times I am visited by clients who wish to not only pamper themselves with a luxurious facial at a day spa, but also have specific concerns that they want to see immediate results to. If you are looking to target a specific skin concern, one of the best ways to do so is adding a professional grade organic facial booster to your skin care treatment. These highly potent concentrates are specifically designed to work with our existing Eminence products to enhance your facial experience and get the results your are needing.

The Acai Booster is anti-oxidant rich and formulated to hydrate and firm the skin and reverse the signs of aging. Working against fine lines and wrinkles with natural hyaluronic acid derived from the marshmallow plant. Help protect your skin with the naturally calming effects of the Arnica Booster. This concentrate is enriched with horse chestnut and lavender to calm and soothe the appearance of your skin while ivy and rosehip protect against the everyday elements of your busy day.

For those with Fatigued or dehydrated skin, our Jalapeno Booster cleanses, revitalizes, and invigorates your complexion. Your skin is treated with cinnamon, Jalapeno and nettle to help it bounce back to a more youthful you. If dark spots are the issue, add a Licorice Booster to your facial to even out skin tone naturally. This concentrate combines licorice and stone crop which brightens the appearance of your skin while the naturally occurring lactic acid removes dead skin cells. And last, but not not least, the Willow Bark Booster is wonderful for acne prone skin. A strong combination of lactic acid, tea tree oil and horse tail will cleanse and clarify your skin to refine and remove dead skin cells for a refreshing radiant complexion.

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